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Date Title Minister Key Text
Nov 28, 2021 (Afternoon) Salvation by grace leads to works done by grace Rev. P. Holtvluwer Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 32
Nov 28, 2021 (Morning) God forms woman as a helper fit for man Rev. P. Holtvluwer Genesis 2:18–23
Nov 21, 2021 (Afternoon) But What If There’s No Party? Dr. J Temple Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 16
Nov 21, 2021 (Morning) The Name of Jesus Brings Hope To Those In Darkness Dr. J Temple Mark 10:46–52
Nov 14, 2021 (Afternoon) Christ gives His church the keys to His kingdom Rev. P. Holtvluwer Acts 5:1–7
Nov 14, 2021 (Morning) God covenants with man in the garden of Eden Rev. P. Holtvluwer Genesis 2:4–14
Nov 7, 2021 (Afternoon) God Alone can Provide our Mediator as our Mediator Must be: Student Ruurd Offringa Luke 1:26–38
Nov 7, 2021 (Morning) God Urges us not to Give up our Eternal Inheritance for Temporary Worldly Things, but to Student Ruurd Offringa Hebrews 12:14–17
Oct 31, 2021 (Afternoon) The Lord Jesus reveals His glory so that we might believe and enjoy eternal life. Rev Henry Versteeg John 2:1–11
Oct 31, 2021 (Morning) Righteousness is to be found only through a Mediator. Rev Henry Versteeg Job 9:2
Oct 24, 2021 (Afternoon) Christ calls His people to unite with His body at His table Rev. P. Holtvluwer 1 Corinthians 5
Oct 24, 2021 (Morning) God creates heaven as his home Rev. P. Holtvluwer Genesis 1:1
Oct 17, 2021 (Afternoon) God gives the day of rest as a blessing for man Rev. P. Holtvluwer Genesis 2:1–3
Oct 17, 2021 (Morning) : At His table, Christ assures us of the great exchange Rev. P. Holtvluwer Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 29
Oct 10, 2021 (Afternoon) Condemned by Love Rev. K. Wieske Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 2

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