Date Service Title Minister Key Text
Jul 28, 2019 Morning Tell the Glorious Deeds of the Lord Rev R. Sikkema 1 John 4:7–21
Jul 21, 2019 Morning In the midst of troubles and trials we’re comforted when we turn our focus of faith Rev. Sr. W DenHollander 2 Corinthians 4:16–18
Jul 7, 2019 Morning Examine yourself to participate in the Lord’s Supper Rev. Sr. W DenHollander 1 Corinthians 11:28
Jun 9, 2019 Morning Pentecost: the church of Christ is baptized with the Holy Spirit unto a life Rev. Sr. W DenHollander 1 Corinthians 12
May 26, 2019 Afternoon "Do I really need chirst?" Answering excuses Can G Bruitjes Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 4
May 26, 2019 Morning The Captivating Ascension of Christ Rev. J. Bruintjes Ephesians 4:7–10
Apr 28, 2019 Afternoon We pray for the perseverance of the saints through God's grace and Holy Spirit Rev. Sr. W DenHollander Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 52
Apr 21, 2019 Afternoon Forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors. We can only pray this prayer knowing and fully realizing. Dr. C Van Dam Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 51
Apr 14, 2019 Morning Christ Jesus - Mocked Because of His Fourth Rev R Sikkema John 11:49–50
Mar 24, 2019 Afternoon God assures us of salvation with the doctrine of election Student M. Tenhalf Belgic Confession: Article 13
Mar 24, 2019 Morning The LORD assures his people He goes before them Student M. Tenhalf Deuteronomy 3:1–8
Mar 17, 2019 Afternoon God teaches us to petition him for first things first: his glory! Rev. R. Kampen John 17
Mar 17, 2019 Morning In the belly of Sheol the Lord schools his prodigal prophet on divine grace. Rev. R. Kampen Jonah 1:17—2:10
Mar 3, 2019 Afternoon Our prayers are to be an incense offering to God. We will see: Dr. C Van Dam Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 45
Feb 10, 2019 Morning God subjects the world to come to Christ Rev G Nederveen Hebrews 2:5–9
Jan 20, 2019 Morning Continue in the progress of the work of the Rev. Sr. W DenHollander Matthew 25:14–30
Dec 30, 2018 Afternoon God is our Father, and that makes all the Student E Onderwater Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 46
Dec 30, 2018 Morning A true Christian walks in the light of Christ Student E Onderwater 1 John 1:5–10
Dec 25, 2018 Morning The Gospel in the name of Jesus Rev G Wieske Matthew 1:21
Dec 23, 2018 Afternoon The Lord wants us to respect authority Rev. J DeGelder Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 39
Dec 16, 2018 Afternoon The power of the grace of God to Israel Dr G Visscher Romans 11
Dec 16, 2018 Morning The LORD prepares Mary for a great task by giving her Dr G Visscher Luke 1:46–55
Aug 26, 2018 What really happens at the Lord’s Supper table. Dr. J. Van Vliet Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 29
Jun 17, 2018 Afternoon The Lamp in heaven shines on God Rev. P. Aasman Revelation 4
May 27, 2018 Morning Are you at peace with God? Psalm 131
May 20, 2018 Afternoon Through baptism, Christ promises us the washing we desperatley need! Student D Feenstra Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 26
Mar 25, 2018 Afternoon He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary Dr. T. Van Raalte Matthew 1:18–25
Mar 25, 2018 Morning The Lord Jesus displays the full extent of his love by serving sinners. Rev R Kampen John 13:1–17
Mar 11, 2018 Afternoon The child of God is a slave to God, and thankful for it Rev. C. Bouwman Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 13
Mar 4, 2018 Morning The apostle Paul speaks of two ways to live Dr G Visscher Romans 1:18–24
Nov 5, 2017 Afternoon My heart is inclined to all evil and desperately Rev J Ludwig Jeremiah 17:1–18
Jul 9, 2017 Afternoon In the fifth commandment God tells us, "Take care of widows!" Rev J Ludwig 1 Timothy 5:3–16
Jun 18, 2017 Afternoon Our God calls us to worship Him for His own glory Rev S Swets Deuteronomy 4:15–24
Jun 18, 2017 Morning The Christian husband is to be a Christ-like head of his home Rev S Swets Ephesians 5:21–33
May 7, 2017 Afternoon Conduct your lives with the fear of the Rev. R. Kampen 1 Peter 1:13–25
May 7, 2017 Morning Only those who discern Christ’s body are to Rev. R. Kampen 1 Corinthians 10:14–22
Apr 16, 2017 Afternoon Christ commands us to celebrate the Lord’s Rev R Kampen Exodus 12:1–14
Apr 16, 2017 Morning The Jewish leaders are confronted with the Rev R Kampen Matthew 27:62—28:10
Mar 26, 2017 Afternoon Behold He is coming! The Lord answers the Can. S Van Leeuwen Malachi 2:17—3:5
Mar 26, 2017 Morning Having taken His rightful place in Israel with Can. S. Van Leeuwen 2 Samuel 6:1–23
Mar 5, 2017 Afternoon God declares that I am righteous before him Rv. R Kampen Zechariah 3:1–10
Mar 5, 2017 Morning Blessed is the one not offended by the Rev. R. Kampen Isaiah 35:1–10
Feb 12, 2017 Afternoon God the Holy Spirit works in the church of Rev. R. Kampen John 10:1–18
Feb 12, 2017 Morning Christ brings a great light into Galilee Rev. R. Kampen Matthew 4:12–17
Feb 5, 2017 Afternoon The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth Rev. R. Kampen John 14:15–27
Jan 22, 2017 Afternoon Christ ascended into heaven for your Rev. R. Kampen John 14:1–14
Jan 22, 2017 Morning Jesus Christ passes through the waters to Rev. R Kampen Matthew 3:13–17
Jan 1, 2017 Afternoon Gen 37: 12-36 Rev. H Jaegersma Genesis 37:1–11
Jan 1, 2017 Morning Ephesians 3 Rev. T Van Raalte Ephesians 3:1–21
Dec 11, 2016 Morning Be ready, for the bridegroom is coming Rev. H. Jagersma Matthew 24:36–51
Nov 20, 2016 Afternoon How the church works Rev. P. Aasman Matthew 16:13–28
Nov 20, 2016 Morning What do you want me to do for you?” Rev. P. Aasman Luke 18:35–43
Oct 9, 2016 Morning Give thanks in all circumstances for this is Rev. R Vermeulen 1 Thessalonians 5:1–28
Sep 18, 2016 Afternoon God created the human race to live for Rev Vermeulen Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 3
Sep 18, 2016 Morning Paul prays that the Christians of Rev R Vermeulen Colossians 1:9–10a
Aug 7, 2016 Afternoon The Day of the Lord is a Day for the Lord! Rev. G. Wieske Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 38
Aug 7, 2016 Morning Malachi proclaims that only God's love Rev G Wieske Malachi 1:1–5
Jul 17, 2016 Afternoon Praying the Lord’s Will Rev. Steve Swets Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 49
Jul 17, 2016 Morning Joy in Gospel Unity Rev. Steve Swets Philippians 1:1–6
Jun 24, 2016 Evening Timothy Christian School Grade 8 Grad 2016 na
Apr 17, 2016 Afternoon Christ is truly risen, so we can be sure of our own resurrection. We see: Student Iwan Borst 1 Corinthians 15:1–34
Apr 17, 2016 Morning Through the testing of his servant Job, God reveals that he is feared for who he is, not for his ble Student Iwan Borst Job 1
Mar 20, 2016 Afternoon The Holy Spirit teaches and assures us by the preaching of the gospel and the Sacraments that our fu Student David Pol John 4:4b–15
Mar 20, 2016 Morning The God of David, who intimately knows us, holds us in his hand Student David Pol Psalm 139:1–24
Feb 21, 2016 Morning As they eagerly await their Saviour, believers in Philippi are encouraged to find their joy and peac Student David Pol Philippians 4:1–9